About Me! ✨

Welcome to Peashy Keen!!!

Name: Alicia Ladan Alshehabi

When is your birthday? : August 15 ((Leo))

When did you start blogging?: 9/6/2017

What made you want to start blogging?: I have always loved fashion and dressing up. I am constantly taking pictures in new outfits and posting OOTD’s sooo I figured why not use a blog as a creative outlet to show and share my passion for fashion.

Why did you choose the name PeashyKeen?: I wanted to do a play on words. Since Peachy Keen is used to define something as Fine or Excellent and my nickname is Peash (shout out to Zachary Rollins) I wanted to collaborate the two to create my blog name. 😊

Where do you find inspiration?: Any and Everywhere! I take inspiration from Persian background, my classic grandmother’s chic style, 90’s throw backs,  and of course my mother’s closet (I’m her mini), local boutiques and more! I try to take other styles and put my own flair to it. I love trendy looks but always want to make it my own by adding a slight twist.

Have any more questions? Shoot me an email at alshehabial@gmail.com

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