Fall = Football 

It’s finally starting to feel like fall!! Just in time for football season and I am LOVING every minute of it! Yesterday I cheered on my Wolfpack with some of my very best of friends. I am a Meredith College Alumna and my boyfriend went to State therefore I am naturally a NCSU fan. Go pack! State beat Marshall last night in a close game but we pulled through with a win! Final score [Marshall 20-37 State] 🏉

Shout out to Jenna and Quint Noble for sharing their family seats with me! Also thanks to Bryce for sharing all of his popcorn with me 🍿hehe




Check out yesterday’s game day look below:

:: outfit deets :: 

Denim trench : forever21 

Plaid button up: forever21

Tassel necklace: Fab’rik

Suede overall: Fab’rik 

Brown/black bootie: forever21 

Sunglasses: Target 
Now let’s go Panthers!!!! Carolina teams all around ❤️💙

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