Persian Perfection ✨

For those of you who do not know me; I am half Iranian aka Persian (yes, like the rug) I spent this past weekend with my Persian side of the family celebrating my beautiful cousin Helen and her fiancé Morteza’s engagement in sunny Tampa, Florida. 

When I say Persians know how to party I mean it! For starters the food was amazing! Catered Persian classics such as Ghormeh Sabzi, chelo kabob, lamb shank, kashk-e Bademjan, rice and much much more. So delicious!  If you have never had any Persian cuisine I highly recommend it!!! You will not be disappointed. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of all the beautiful decor and food but below are a few pictures to give you an idea!

The DJ who traveled all the way from DC played all the Persian jams he even played on of my personal favorites “Haji” by Faramarz Assef. We danced all night and into the morning. Sipping on cocktails and champagne, smoking hookahs, and meeting all of my cousins friends and soon to be new family. I even got to debut as a bartender at one point. Lol. 

I know you are jealous of those moves. Obviously This was no casual affair as nothing ever is when it comes to Persian parties! My sister and I made sure to dress & impress 😉which of course equaled an all night/weekend photo shoot! 

We ended the weekend having Sunday funday by the pool enjoying my dads famous bloody Mary’s and the last of the summer while in Florida before heading back to reality. 

Needless to say it was a great weekend with the Alshehabi side of the family. 

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