| Indian ☀️ Summer |

For those of you who have experienced fall in the south you know first hand what I am talking about. While most people are busting out their sweaters, scarfs, and boots.. in the south we can still sit by the pool in our bathing suits. As much as I love warm weather I am ready for the cool crisp fall air NOW!!! 



 Sometimes we only get a few weeks of fall before it goes straight into winter ❄️ come on Mother Nature bring me sweater weather soon and make it last I beg of you!!!


Since I can’t break out my favorite booties and jackets yet I decided to have a little Indian summer shoot. 90 degrees at the end of September 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️☀️ hoping for a cold front ASAP! Can I get an amen!? 🙏🏽 

This dress is perfect for warm tailgates or even a cocktail event! I personally have worn this to a wedding, work, and out on the town! Of course it is from Fab’rik which I cannot help but buy a majority of my clothing at because it’s not only affordable but they have the best stylist and make me feel like a KWEEN while I shop! ❤️follow them on IG @fabrikraleigh / @fabrikstyle my necklace is also from there!

Other details:

  • Shoes: DV from target
  • Coding glasses: Nectar 

Thanks for following 👋🏼 

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