Monochromatic mahogany |library books & records| .:Lunchtime Adventures:.

The one hour during the day when I am able to clear my mind and step back from the chaos is time I like to spend wisely. I try to make an adventure out of each lunch break. Sometimes I go for a stroll in the Rose garden at the Raleigh Little Theater or through the many gardens at the JC Raulston arboretum (both beautiful spots). Other days I may grab a poke bowl at Raleigh Raw with my bffl Jenna & if our stomach allows it we venture out for macaroons ::nom::  

My most recent lunch adventure started with errands and ended with coffee and a photoshoot at a local bookstore. I looked through shelves and shelves of books and records that were all under $1! Sooooo naturally I had to get atleast 1 thing (which always equals atleast 2 in more than one circumstance). I decided on albums and bought an old school Christmas album & a doobie brothers album! I was stoked with these finds especially for 50 cents! I couldn’t decide on a book so I decide to use it as an excuse to go back soon. 

October weather makes me want to curl up with a good book my the fire! I love a good read. To name a few of my favorite books: Anne of green gables, all/any JK Rowling books (all Harry Potters obviously), and I love a good murder mystery.

My look while at my new favorite outdoor “library” aka bookstore is a monochromatic brown/rust color which reminds me of mahogany 🙂 hints the blog post title.. plus the wooden shelves tie it all together! Hehe. This ribbed dress is super comfy and I got this at forever21 for under $18. The shoes are from Fab’rik in Raleigh and so is the tassel necklace. I love mixing patterns and fun prints but lately I have been digging the solid monochromatic look. 🖤

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