Fall Flashback | throwing back on a Thursday 

Happy Friday Eve!! October is my favorite holiday for many reasons: 1st the weather is typically amazing (anyone in the south currently knows why I said typically), pumpkins are on porches, leaves are changing,…and it is when the NC fair comes to town! “Nothing could be finer than the North Carolina state fair!”

Last year I forced Corey to take me to the fair so we could indulge on fried foods specifically fried Oreos and wait in ridiculously long lines to ride on the Ferris wheel 🎡. 

He was such a good sport considering we had to fight through the crowds mosh pit style to get from one side of the fair to another. I’m sure he is dreading this year but I am stoked because my favorite band Jump little children is playing the last night!! (Sorry babe we are going the last night again😬) 

Here are some photos from last year! #tbt
Layla salty about not being able to tag along at the fair 😂

Babe and I before entering the fair and fighting the crowds for cookies and rides 

Ferris wheel photo was a must! Duh

The view from the top of the Ferris wheel is always the best! Birds eye view of the entire fair 😍!

I cannot wait to share this years fair experience. Hope you enjoyed looking back at last years adventure as much as I did! 

Outfit details:

  • Leopard print sweater: target
  • Hat: target
  • Jeans: urban outfitters 


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