Beach bummin in the fall

This weekend I had an amazing time on the North Carolina coast. My boyfriend finally convinced me to come flounder/sheepshead gigging with him and his best friend Schuyler down on Cedar Island. We started our weekend eating buffalo oysters, fried grit cakes, tuna, and lots of drinks at Floyd’s in Morehead. It was all amazing food and one of the best bloody Mary’s I’ve had in a while!


We then went to get the boats ready..where I strayed to have a quick photo shoot with Layla. Ha oops sorry not sorry guys.

Later in the evening we loaded up the boats and headed out to gig. It was a lot of fun until I got sea sick bleh! Overall I had a great time. It was not an ideal situation to pull a phone or camera out for picture taking so I only got a picture of our departure out to sea. 

We ended up getting around 20 sheepshead! 😋 fish dinners for days. I’m going to have to search for some different ways to whip up fish dishes! This morning the guys cut and cleaned all the fish while I enjoyed coffee on the dock. Life is good. 😁

As we head back to reality to prepare for the work week and I ride in the backseat of the truck with my Layla bean I am thankful for the life I have and the people I have in it. Enjoy life it’s the only one we have!

::Outfit deets::

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