•:Sliding into the weekend:•

Halloween festivities are about to commence this weekend! I cannot wait!

I am still unsure what I want to dress up as but I am going to a Halloween party and need to make a decision soon! Right now it is a toss up between Mia from Pulp Fiction or a fairy!? Still TBD and could change from those 2 lol. 

These photos were taken at the art museum in Raleigh while I was adventuring on my lunch break by the way! October // Halloween just brings out the kid in me 😀  loved sliding down a big pig slide! Hehe

The weather is perfect & I get to dig into my favorite wardrobe!! I am just living my best life 🙌🏼 I even got to live out my hogwarts dreams last night at an adult hogwarts Halloween party!!!

If you didn’t know I LOVE Harry Potter ❤️⚡️✨ #sleasyforronweasly

Have a fun but safe Halloween 🎃 hope you have as much fun as I intend on having!! 


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