Thankful + blessed

The holidays always remind me to be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

With all the bad that is going on in our world it has made me really think and reflect on how great of a life 👁 have. Beyond blessed to have a loving family, friends, boyfriend, & Layla puppy. Unlike some 👁 have a great support system that keeps me sane during hard times. Not everyone is as fortunate. Take the time to tell the special people in your life you love them. You really never know when a life could be cut short. 

This skirt is one of the many beautiful pieces of clothing from my grandmother. This past weekend would have been her 83rd birthday. She was such an inspiration to the women in our family. She was an independent, sophisticated, hard working badass lady! She had such a classic style and always was dressed to impressed! We miss her dearly and wish we could have had more time with her but I know she is smiling down on us today! 

Broom skirts were her signature go to & now they are one of mine ❤️ below is a photo of my beautiful guardian angel. Looking amazing as always ✨👼🏼

Thanks for following 👋🏼 oxoxoxo

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