Overall life is good ✨

Lunch adventure photo shoots are much better when I can share them with a friend! Especially one who also shares my love of photos and fashion! Today my friend Stephanie (pictured above) & I strolled along the beautiful campus of Meredith College which is where I graduated from some years ago. I love going back to my old stomping grounds & being reminded of the amazing times I had there!

These photos are on the side steps of the Meredith Chapel. I loved the look of the worn door that adds to the character and history of Meredith

Another impromptu shoot success 🙌🏼✨⛪️ I love coming here to clear my mind it just has a peaceful vibe all around. Proud to be an MC angel! (Go evens c/o 2010)

This outfit is from last year but overalls are for sure back this fall/winter and I have seen corduroy ones everywhere! Here are a few I personally love and are very affordable:

Green cord overalls $49.99 – sohogirl

Pink cord overalls $32.90 – forever 21

Burgundy cord overalls $30.96 – fashion nova

Until next time xoxoxo ✨💕

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