It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

I have been slack on posts with all the holiday stuff going on but this weekend we finally started decorating for Christmas!! Corey would probably say I made our house look like Christmas threw up but I can’t stop myself 🎄 tonight we get a tree I am stoked! We started out our Sunday funday jamming to my Christmas vinyl I found at Readers corner for $.25 while stuffing our faces with biscuits, bacon, & bubbly 🥂 then I broke out the decor, tricked Layla into a shoot with treats and now all I need is my tree! Love this little stinker. She’s such a trooper with all the photos I take 😂


Pants: @heartswoon ‘fern valley pants’ just got these on cyber Monday! They have 2 in stock last I checked! Direct link to buy –Fern valley pant

Top: last year from Fab’rik but here is the link to a very similar white lace top from Nordstrom White lace bell sleeves


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