Procrastinator 🎁 presents!

Hello fellow slacker shoppers! If you are like me you wait until December to buy all your gifts. This is a short gift guide I made for those last minute pick me ups 🙃

•Ear cuff with tassels: I got my at the Fab’rik store in Raleigh but here is a link to some from lulu’s for under $20!–> Ear cuff with red tassels.


💕💕loveyourmelon Love your melon these are super cute hats with a fun Pom on top! (They have some without if you are lame supreme) & 50% of proceeds go to pediatric cancer!! Win win! Giving double. Xo

•vinyls : personally I love getting and giving vinyls! It is an easy buy but if you know someone well enough it could have sentimental value ❤️ I relate a lot of songs to memories so I hold music dear and near to my heart. Elf soundtrack I typically buy mine from urban outfitters because they always have a great collection! Amazon has good options too! I need this record next :

“Bye buddy hope you find your dad!”

•Himalayan salt lamp: these have great benefits for health! Good for people who are quitting smoking as they clean the indoor air and help you breath better! They help with mood and help reduce allergies. On sale for $20 at kohls! 🙌🏼Saltlamp

favorite pair of shoes ✨ they are basically bedroom shoes for outdoors and I loooove them. Mule loafers Added bonus is they look JUST like the Gucci loafers but are waaaaay cheaper!

Hope this helps all of you last minute loves! Peace love and happy shopping! Less than 3 weeks til Christmas!

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