Christmas cheer – the best this year ♥️

This year Christmas has been extra special as my sister is getting married Friday and it’s essentially our last one with just the girls. We started our day downtown waxhaw at provisions. Amazing lunch with my favorite ladies! Our family tradition is to open all presents except our stockings on Christmas Eve. You know since Santa typically showered us with gifts on Christmas morning. Mom got a new Alexa which we set up and danced around the house to Christmas songs while we Sipped moms signature cocktail ::Christmas in a glass:: (green apples, cranberry’s, pomegranate, grapes, cider, champagne- in some sort of order) .We had a delicious prime rib dinner with mashed potatoes and salad accompanied by Donnie and Patton who joined us for the end of our evening. So happy to have them yay for my new bro in law 😊. Hope he can handle us (ha but really) 😉. My sister got me a Min and Mon bag and I am obsessed!! See my little monster in the photos below! So cuuuuute.🤗

We ended Christmas by spend time with our dad in Charlotte! My dad is Persian so of course we had kabobs, smoked hookah, and listened to Persian music dancing around the house. Not your traditional Christmas activities but to us it wouldn’t be the same without it.

Below are some fun pictures recapping our Christmas! Now we count down to Friday when my sister will become MRS SMITH!!!!


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