Weekend warrior = lazy Sunday success

I have been attempting to use my weekend time wisely and incorporate productivity into a fun yet relaxing time for myself. Corey has been traveling a lot for both business and pleasure aka hunting which has given me some time to work on my own personal routine. I have started doing yoga and a 30 minute work out routine each morning to get myself going. I have been trying to eat breakfast each morning which is new for me and the results have been great! I wanted to share my secrets for a productive weekend that will leave you relaxing on a rainy Sunday.

• 1) work out while doing house hold chores! Along with my yoga/cardo routine I try to incorporate exercise into my cleaning. I will do lunges while vacuuming, squats while changing the laundry, and whatever else I can come up with. Also dancing in between 🙂 this way your weekly clean is done and you were able to work out and won’t have to waste precious time at the gym!

•2) Get outside! Weather permitted that is! I don’t know about you but I am cooped up in an office most of my week. I like to take the opportunity to take my dog and go out a walk around town which can always turn into a great photo op. Again killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

•3) Grocery shop for the week and preplan meals! I go to Lidl and then will pick up whatever they may not have at a larger grocery store. This way I get as much as I can at a bargain but then if I need a specific ingredient I can go else where. I prepare a “menu” for the week and buy food based on that. Therefore I won’t have to worry about dinner until the following weekend.

•4) Have fun! I try to also be social on the weekends because it is just too hard after work. Adulting is exhausting! This weekend in particular I checked out the Raleigh Brewing Company for a coworkers birthday & joined some girlfriends for dinner. Nothing too crazy but it got my out and about which I need now and then!

Now it’s a lazy rainy Sunday and I have a clean house, a full fridge, and a happy home! Life is good 🙃

This weekend felt like spring which inspired my Saturday night outfit which is from Fab’rik & Heartswoon! I got a lot of new good buys I can’t wait to share soon!!

ese photos were taken by my self timer while my phone was propped up on the duck coop. Not too shabby considering all of that, right? Lol I'll just keep telling myself that.

<<<<Outfit details >>>>

•silk blouse @fabrikstyle

•white blazer cape @fabrikstyle

•just black jeans @fabrikstyle

•scalloped booties @fabrikstyle

•aviators @heartswoon

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