School girl spring style


The weather this week has been WONDERFUL and I have spent as much time outside as possible. These photos were taken at the NC Art Museum by yours truly. Selfie skills (brushes shoulder off) I am trying to wear more things from my closet by making them feel new; mixing and matching bottoms and tops I normally do not pair together. So far so good. I am liking the outcome and also saving some cash flow.

Spring fever is setting in so spend some time outdoors, enjoy the beauty of nature taking its course, and spring clean your closet you’d be surprised what you have stored away! I mixed this cute top from Fabrik I got last year with a skirt my grandmother bought me back in the day. New look that came from older clothing! The shoes are new though hehe (Fabrik as well) Love it. Hope you do too :0)


Hopping around on rocks while on a self timer is tough but I got my work out while doing it (and in heels) booyah.


Although the sky looks super sketch it was a beautiful day! Just instead of Sunny and 75 it was cloudy and 75. I will take it! Even though I am headed to WV this weekend to freeze my booty off skiing but I am so excited! A post is sure to come from our fun weekend away. Can’t wait to share!


Xoxo. ALA

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