Dresses & wisteria’s

I always have an amazing time when visiting my family. They are so important to me and I cherish every moment I have with them. This weekend I bar hopped around our hometown with my mom and checked out some of the new restaurants and bars, If you have never been to Waxhaw, NC you should! It’s small town charm is now meeting more modern times and I think it is great. I do miss the days when it was all antique shops and everyone knew EVERYONE. Things evolve though and so has the town. We went to the new place Emmit’s that was previously a Mill when I was growing up in our 1 stop light town. We also had drinks at the new Irish Pub Mary O’ Neills. We made some great new friends and some amazing drinks! My sister being my #1 supporter took a bunch of great photos while we ventured around Waxhaw (thanks sissy you are the best) These are only a 3rd of what is to come so stay tuned!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever21  shop polka dot dress now

Shoes: Forever21 Shop shoes here

Purse: Juliet round bag from Fab’rik Shop my bag here

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