She designed a life she loves

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you are all feeling amazing on this Thursday aka Friday Jr! I know I am. I am feeling 100% this week as I started my journey working from home full time recently. If you read my last few post I talked about this exciting news. My new job that is going to allow me to do more things for myself! I can now design the life I love to live, and live it to the fullest.

I now have an actual morning routine which does not only consist of a mobile order at Starbucks during my 1 hour commute to the office. I now start my day with Yoga, watering my garden, and a healthy breakfast.

I can take my dog (daughter) Layla on walks through out the day and she is loving mommy being home so much shes laying under my desk as I type this. I loved the people I worked with prior but I needed to do something that would be better all around for myself.


I was lethargic in the afternoons after my commute fighting through traffic. I never wanted to exercise or do anything I had planned on when I got home. Instead I would plop down in front of the tv until bed time. Now I can plan out meals (I have started a story highlight of all my new recipes on my IG) and have way more energy to do things throughout the day! I am so excited about my new life style and will continue to blog about my new world!

These pictures are from a photo shoot I did with Moses St.Bernard who is local in the Triangle. We had a blast during this shoot and I love how these photos turned out. If you are looking for a great photographer to collaborate with I highly recommend him! Follow him on instagram @mosesstbernard_photography and make sure to like all the pictures of me 😉 haha. Just kidddinggg!  In this shoot I look and felt as happy as I do right now in my new journey. All the feels of empowerment, courage, independence, strength, and getting down to business!

AliciaPK_IMG_1255AliciaPK_IMG_0591AliciaPK_IMG_1207AliciaPK_IMG_0803AliciaPK_IMG_0879AliciaPK_IMG_0659 (1)AliciaPK_IMG_1006AliciaPK_IMG_0787AliciaPK_IMG_1078AliciaPK_IMG_1138


Remember even if you are working in an office setting take the time to do things for yourself.  I found this on Pinterest & thought it was perfect for this post:

11 Habits of Successful Women:

1- She makes time for herself

2- She challenges herself

3- She educates herself

4- She understands guilt, acknowledges it and moves on

5- She knows healthy doesn’t always mean going to the gym

6- She is financially savvy

7- She Smiles 🙂

8- She can step away from her job and have a life outside of the workplace

9- She sets herself goals & methods for keeping track

10- She celebrates wins, both big & small

11- She helps others through selfless acts of kindness


Hope everyone has a MARVELOUS day! A few tunes I have been into lately are below! Hope you enjoy (click link to go to youtube video)

In My Arms Instead by Randy Rogers Band

Charleston Girl by Tyler Childers

People Change by MIPSO

Until next time.. XOXOXO.

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