Polka Dots & Pelican’s

Hump day is here! I am having a great week so far and loving this slightly cooler weather. I have been enjoying morning walks with Layla without almost having a heat stroke ((major plus)), and taking beautiful walks in the afternoons around lunch time.

I ate some lunch at home, but needed a break from the house so I went out for coffee. I try to support local businesses as much as possible. I went to the local Wake Forest Coffee Company. My favorite drink is the amaretto mocha with coconut milk iced. Delishhhh! They display local art which I love, and have a chill atmosphere if you need to escape but still have work to do. A lot of open laptops and business meetings going on. Talk about motivation for when I got back to work! Loving my new job from home still as it allows me this type of freedom, but also is challenging me to focus!

I strolled around town for the remainder of my break and admired the beauty in which I live in. I used to get similar feelings when I would wander around Charleston, SC. I have realized beauty is not only how your surroundings look, but also how they make you feel. I love North Carolina and the small town I call home. Wake Forest is whimsical and charming. It reminds me of my hometown Waxhaw, NC. I think that is part of the reason I love it so much. I can see why Corey chose to live outside of Raleigh, and I am thankful he chose to share that home & life with me.

Enough of the mush, hehe, On my way home I HAD to stop and get a “snoball” from Pelican’s. They had so many flavors (over 100) that I just impulsively got the signature Rainbow. Next time I will take my time and come up with a master creation.

My outfit for today is a mixer of brands:

Dress: Forever21 // Shoes: AllBirds // Bag: Target  // Hat: Target // Sunnies: Target




Hope you all have an amazing day full of as much sugar, I mean happiness as I have!! I am over excited for date night downtown tonight. Trying to pump myself with caffeine so I can stay awake past 9 (grandma status over here). We are going to Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar in Downtown Raleigh. I am so excited. They are supposed to have one of the best patio’s and is apparently a very cozy environment. With a great wine selection (yes, please!).  Hurry up 5 o’clock!!!

Don’t forget you can shop this look above! Each hyperlink takes you directly to that item!


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