Cool for the Summer

Cool for the Summer   <— Link to open song in another tab 🙂 I thought some of you may want to jam out while you enjoy this post, because it is what I listened to the whole time I was writing this. Lol

That’s right I have Demi stuck in my head” Don’t tell your mother” – that song is my JAM anytime of year but especially now! Little late on sharing these fathers day photos (been a little busy with work) but I had an amazing time visiting the family in Charlotte this past weekend! Got to see my bro-in-law play with his new soccer team (Charlotte Independence) and they tied the Charleston Battery. If you didn’t already know, my sisters husband plays professional soccer! This was my first time getting to see him play since they’ve moved back from Boston. So happy to have them back near me yayay!

Other than that the weekend was relaxed. World cup all day and grilling out with my pops. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Naturally my sister and I had to have a little photo shoot. She is my best photographer when I am at home 🙂 (thanks sis love ya).

This jumper is my newest obsession. It is from ASOS and I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers post (@lovelypepa) and HAD to have it. She makes everything look so good. Also, clearly obsessed with this hat. I cannot wear it enough. Yas Target Yas!

Gingham Smock Jumper <– shop it here, but hurry they are going fast!


Had to get this last picture because this car is bad ass! My dads new toy. Cannot wait until I can really drive it. Currently the power steering is out. Womp.


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PS: I have a giveaway going on- See my IG post! Closes tomorrow (6/21)



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