Orange Theory FTW!

In my new journey working from home I have decided I now have the time (and not the excuses) to get more exercise into my routine. I already feel more energized and focused. I started out doing yoga locally but needed something a bit more upbeat and structured for me personally.

I got the opportunity to go and try out Orange Theory this past weekend.. and it was AMAZING! I never thought I would like a high intensity work out as much as I did. It was hard work but it was fun, motivating, and kept me challenged through out the hour.

When I arrived the Owner Kris greeted me with such a warm welcome, and had a little swag bag for me! We talked about what I was looking for in a work out and set the tempo for my first experience at Orange Theory. I was introduced to the trainer and class – and felt immediately welcomed! They are like a family and I felt like a part of it already.

I was pushed to do some work outs I would have never tried on my own that I now love. Rowing is going to be my new best friend. Along with many other things I am sure!

My favorite part about Orange Theory is it is almost like having a personal trainer but you get to work out in a fun group environment. The music was great, Eric the trainer, the members were all friendly, and I cannot wait to go back!

They even call you 24 hours after your first work out to see how you are feeling! Talk about customer service and caring for your clients!

Below you can see me with Eric and my certificate for completing my first class yay! If you have an Orange Theory in your area I highly recommend you check it out. (Only took a few pictures to try and not make the others feel uncomfortable and ALSO so you have to go check it our for yourself!!!) HeHe.

You can visit their site here: Orange Theory


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