Move for jenn

If you are from the Charlotte area you may already know the story behind Move for Jenn. For those of you who don’t I will start with a little background on the Andrews family. I have had the pleasure of meeting this family through my sister. She has been nannying for the Andrews children (Hannah and Ari) since February. Alivia met Jenn and her family due to a life changing situation. During a pedicure in 2013 the nail technician noticed a pea size nodule on her foot. Being pregnant at the time she ignored it for as long as she could, until it grew to be the size of a golf ball. Doctors told her the mass was actually low grade myoxid sarcoma, a type of cancer. After having the mass removed she was in the clear. After multiple follow up scans and check ups she was devastated to learn it grew back in a layered form. Her doctor advised the only way to full eliminate the cancer was to remove her foot. For Jenn it was a no brainer, she wanted to enjoy life and watch her kids grow up and be there for them every step in their lives, so she made the brave decision to have it removed. Both before and after she has maintained a positive mind set while encouraging others to stay active! The day before her surgery she went on FB live asking people to get out and move because they can. She would be going through surgery and all she wanted to do was to be active so she challenged others to do it on her behalf. This message was initially for family and friends but quickly sparked a worldwide movement to move for jenn! Now Jenn has announced she is starting a non profit organization!! Their mission is to help fund activewear prosthetics for children and adults who are Sarcoma amputees – along with Sarcoma research! Check out her website at and the official Instagram page @moveforjenn. She is planning many fundraising events in Charlotte that will eventually grow to other places. Follow along to be a part of this journey!

She has created the code KEEN20 for 20% off their Move for Jenn shirts!

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