There’s nothing like summer in the city / NYC trip! Recap:

As you may have noticed if you follow me on social media I just got back from my trip to NYC. I met up with some babes I am friends with from Charleston and we took on the city! I had such an amazing time seeing this city in all of its glory. It had been about 10 years since my last visit and it was well over due. This was my early birthday present to myself! #dirtythirty #treatyoself

Some highlights from my trip include:

  • Walking the highline with some of my favorite people
  • The comedy cellar- One of the most hilarious standup comedy shows I have ever seen
  • Ice cream shop speak easy
  • All of the food!!! Hot dogs, bagels, dumplings, pasta, pizza, truffles.. the list goes on!
  • Frolicking around Manhattan until the sun came up (too old for that- it kicked my ass)

My one big splurge of the trip was to the Min and Mon bag store in Soho. These handmade leather bags are so unique and amazing. This is my second bag and I am obsessed with them. We also went to lots of thrift stores and open markets. I tried to save my money for experiences rather than material items during this trip. I am excited to say I actually didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would.

My travels mates were great at finding us local authentic spots to eat and drink at which helped my budget for the trip tremendously!! We dined on dumplings and pizza and bagels. Lived off bodega coffees and barely slept but it was so worth the exhaustion!

I tried to take photos in fun New York spots without dragging my frequent visiting friends to all the tourist spots for photos of myself. I’d say we did good working with our surroundings! I wish I had taken more photos but I was having too much fun making memories to care.

Props to the bloggers killing it New York. I do not know how you do it. I am putting together a collage from my trip. I will share that as soon as it is complete! As much fun as I had I can honestly say I am so happy to be back home. I will take possibly hitting a deer and the sound of crickets at night over almost being hit and traffic noise all day (lol.. but for real).

See below my favorite photos from the trip. As they say in little Italy – Ciao. Xo

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