Dirty Thirty Celebrations // all month long

I just had a Birthday as you may know if you follow me on social media. I turned the big 3-0 and I am loving it so far. So many people have told me how your 30’s are the best years because you finally know yourself. We shall see! I am excited for what is ahead but only time will tell. Anywho, I wanted to share some of the fun things I did to celebrate my dirty thirty! (outfit details will be at the bottom of each posting of photos)

First of all my boyfriend got me a puppy!! We named her Virginia because our favorite spot is Kerr Lake which is at the VA line. Also, Virginia is for lovers hehe. Calling her Ginny for short though! She is a chocolate lab and is such a little ham. Layla is not loving being a big sister but we hope they will bond soon! See my 2 babies below:

I then had to leave my new little nugget to go to Knoxville for work. luckily I work with some pretty amazing people so it made it not so bad! We went out for a happy hour and I was serenaded by the group for my birthday! Love them! They also got me a Nordstrom gift card! Am I a luckily girl or what? 😍 ps: the pictures with the horrible face is after a mezcal shot lol! Too funny not to share.

This skirt is now on sale for $40! It is one of my favorite pieces. It is great for work or going out. Emily Skirt – By Lovely Pepa Collection

I visited my family in Charlotte on the way back which is always a good time! We had soccer mom specials at the Rosemont (for you QC people – if you haven’t gone you damn sure need to) these are basically adult capri suns.. which me becoming such an “adult” clearly had to have. We ended the night with my dad taking us all out to an amazing steak dinner – Thanks pops! See below my adventure in CLT with my girls (unfortunately I didn’t take any pics at dinner because the restaurant was so dark)

Wrap Dress Linked a similar dress in Grey from Vestique here!


I came back to Raleigh to be with my babes and puppers and on my actual Birthday (yes all that above is pre birthday celebrating) Corey took me to my favorite restaurant in Downtown Raleigh St. Roch fine Oysters + Bar. There food is amazing! If you’re into Louisiana style cuisine. Which I looove!

This dress was gifted from a friend but I have linked a similar-ish one here – best I could find – sawwy 😦 Long White Maxi – Freepeople


Friday rolls around and my Mom & Sister came up to hang out with me on my day off. We went to Tea at Sugar Magnolia Emporium. It was sooo adorable!!! They brought us mimosas, teas of our choice, and a tray of assorted scones, cakes, tea sandwiches, and cookies! I loved it so much! If you are ever in Wake Forest you should check it out!

This polka dot Maxi is only $26 –> Polka Dot Maxi – SheIn


The Birthday celebrations did not stop at Tea. Saturday some of my best friends from home came up to visit along with some friends from Raleigh came over to grill out and then we checked out the new cocktail bar in Wake Forest, Tonic! Love love love you all for the amazing weeks and weekends celebrating me! I appreciate all the texts, calls, messages, drives to see me, and hangovers you endured. Best friends and family I could ever ask for! Xoxo xoxo!

This outfit was from RedDress but I cannot find it on their site or any other :/ I am thinking about selling it on Poshmark so check out my page! @alicialadan


I know this was a long one because I am extra and celebrate myself for a month but thank you for all of the love and support! Yay for being thirty, flirty, & thriving, right!?

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