Photo spots in Raleigh NC

I love searching for my next photo shoot spot. That’s half the fun in the planning, for me anyway. I have been roaming around trying to find some fun background areas and came across a few I thought I would share! These in particular are all murals I have discovered scooting around town on the bird scooters. Those things are game changing. Anyway here’s a few I have come across this far. I have so many more to go and explore! Who knew Raleigh had so many!? I absolutely love it.

1. The No Damsel Mural: Downtown Raleigh Warehouse District 
S Harrington St. 
Artist: Dorian Lynde 

((Just being the look out for Pocahontas. Casual))

2. “Indian Summer” mural by: Detroit artist Ouisi on the side of benchmark autoworks on W. David st. Downtown Raleigh.

3. “Butterflies” at 137 E. Hargett St 
by Artist: Marlon Ferguson – I haven’t shot here yet but I want to!

4. Morgan Street Jazz Monsters. On the left side of Trophy Brewing downtown.
827 W Morgan St – by Artist: Kevin Lyons 

If you don’t feel like adventuring around in your spare time to find these, and the many others spread throughout there is a mural tour you can follow as a guide!

Go to:

Happy hunting 🤗

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