Downtown Wake Forest Holiday Gift Guide | support local small businesses

I wanted to do a gift guide that supported local business. Since most bloggers in the area are focusing on stores in Raleigh I wanted to share the gems around Wake Forest! This is a gift guide for all ages and genders. I hope you enjoy and have as much fun following along as I did shooting these pictures and exploring my own little town!

My first stop was the local general store. This place is first of all adorable, and second it’s all local! They have the best honey, jams, jelly, and so much more. It reminds me of the stores we had growing up in Waxhaw that no longer exist (sadly). I love going here and seeing what new ingredient I can add to my meals. Ncgeneralstore

Next I went to Sugar Magnolia Emporium which is one of my favorite little spots! On the weekends they have live music which is always a good time! You can have tea here and lunch which I have done with my mom and sister! It was so cute. They also have tons of guide options! I highly recommend going for a mimosa and chicken salad sammie (delish) and browse around! Oak city dangles

Continuing down white street I headed down to The Cotton Company and I cannot believe this was my first time inside! This is such a gem and I was amazed! They have booths set up for local vendors to sell their items. I could have spent all day in there! I didn’t get pictures of even half of the store so you will for sure need to go check it out! They have stuff for everyone. Here’s a few of my favorites!

Now for the clothing! I had to showcase my favorite local boutique: Arrowtree Boutique this is my go to in town. Cute boho chic clothing and she also supports local! She has Pamut Apparel as well as Peppertrain jewelry! Love love love this place! Hidden over between the bowling alley and Over the Falls restaurant.

Just next door to Arrow Tree is a book store: Page 158 books which I actually had never gone into until today! So glad I did. It is super cute and they have soooo many books! Novels, fiction, children’s, cooking, they have it all. Cozy environment and they have events constantly! I will have to come back for sure! They had Harry Potter prints and hilarious mugs that I will be going back for! Book club ladies we have to come here sometime 🙂

I plan to do another guide that features local stores outside of downtown. Also I am brainstorming on a restaurant guide for Wake Forest as well! A lot on my content calendar to come! Hope you’ve enjoyed this guide! Let me know in the comments!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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