Downtown Raleigh : Unique finds

Last weekend I decided I wanted to do a little exploring downtown Raleigh. I found a few places that I thought needed a little spot light. The stores I am featuring are ones I had never ventured into before. This is going to be my new Sunday thing I think. Explore what is around me and seek out the hidden or new gems!

(FIRST STOP) I was told by a friend I really needed to go check out this Jewelry store – so I headed there first! OH MY was she soooo right. Quercus was established in 2014 by Lauren Ramirez. All of her pieces were handcrafted in her San Francisco office before moving to Raleigh. She now designs and works on pieces in her workshop which is located in the boutique. I thought that was one of the best features of the store. To see her work space and where all the beauty pieces come to life. The shop is gorgeous and her staff was so nice and excited to tell me about her work. My favorite part about Lauren is she is not into trends. Her website says she believes in passing things on, and she likes the idea of her designs being worn by generations. I LOVE THAT! My favorite pieces of jewelry were passed down to me by my Grandmother. It is something so special that I cannot wait to hand down later in life myself. I will be saving up for a new piece from Quercus (or asking for it for Christmas *HINT*HINT).

QUERCUS <– check out their website here!

(SECOND STOP) Just next door I realized DECCO was no longer in its normal spot. Instead there is now APEX outfitters! A local company started in Apex that has now opened in local Downtown Raleigh just down from Raleigh Raw. They sell lifestyle & outdoor gear. Similar to a REI style of store, but think smaller (and not as overwhelming), local, and supports other local businesses. That is always key for me. I love when a business is also supporting those around them. #supportsmall #supportlocal

Apex Outfitter <– Shop online or go check out their store!

THIRD STOP) This is not a new store to me so I guess I some what fibbed by saying these were all stores I had never been to. However, I had never posted about them on my blog so I wanted to share them as well. The Art of Style is also right around the corner from Quercus and Apex Outfitters. Therefore you have no excuse to hit up all 3 stores. They have such good staple pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe. I have some amazing faux leather leggings from there that I always get compliments on. Even more than I do with my spanx ones.. and guess what, they were a third of the price. They also do this amazing yet dangerous thing where you make payments on an outfit. That way if you need it that day but are also waiting on payday.. they’ve got you girl! (and guys!) Shop the Art of Style!

(FOURTH STOP) I decided to take a little Bird cruise down towards the Art District to check out Father and Son which is a local thrift and antique shop that I could get lost in for HOURS. Apparently it is half the size of its original location (so I am told). The store is pretty massive with everything from jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, clothes, vinyls, and so much more. I only got around half the store before I needed to make myself leave. I found some pretty legit finds and cannot wait to go back for more. The store is on S. West St near the new UO!

(FIFTH AND FINAL STOP) Last but not least as I headed to Landmark to get a beer with some friends I finally stopped into House of Swank. I have seen their shirts in other stores, but had not yet been to “THE” House of Swank. If you read my local Wake Forest gift guide you may remember the shirts from the book store. Those were all from House of Swank. They had so many hilarious shirts I will have to go back to get some as Christmas gifts for sure! They also had some fun Koozies (my mom calls these beer huggers) that would make great stocking stuffers .. for adults. HA! Anyway who doesn’t love a fun tee?! These are the raddest damn NC themed shirts on the planet! Even their website says so 😉 see for yourself: House of Swank Clothing

The rest of the day was consumed with friends and fun, BUT I will be posting more guides like this so stay tuned. I am working on another one that will be up soon! If there is an area or business you think I should visit and feature let me know! I love suggestions and new places!

Friends and fun at Landmark @dillahipp

PS: I am going to start doing some social media content for a local rock and roll band: Stephens Pharmacy! Come check them out at the Pour House on December 16th! Bloody Mary’s and pool! Yas kwane!

Until next time XO.

peash out ✌🏼

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