Wake Forest Weekender

Just north of Raleigh and East of Durham is the charming small town of Wake Forest. Where I moved just a few years ago from Charleston, SC. Although going to Meredith College and living in the triangle prior.. I really never paid much attention to the area. Once I moved here I slowly learned just how whimsical and enchanting this town could be, but you have to get out and explore it! For those of you who are too lazy here is a small guide to get you started!


I wanted to make a guide about the whole town but that would take me forever… sooo I am starting out with a simple weekend “outing” guide. Morning, afternoon, and night activities you can enjoy around the area.

::MORNING:: I am not sure about you but on the weekends I BRUNCH, and I brunch hard! My go to in Wake Forest right now is Over The Falls. They just started doing brunch this summer on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-2. The atmosphere is cozy and has a sense of community. Probably because it is full of families and almost everyone knows each other. It reminds me of the town I grew up in. The staff is so friendly (especially the bar staff- shout out to y’all for always tolerating us!) The food is great for all times of the day, but if I had to brag on a place to go for the best brunch in town my hat goes off to OTF. Go grab a mimosa and the French toast or a Bloody and Biscuit (drooling). Just off of white street so you can then venture around and shop! Perfect morning in my book! Also if you remember my guide for Christmas the book store and boutique are right next door!!! Downtown Wake Forest Holiday Gift Guide | support local small businesses

If you aren’t a big breakfast person or perhaps not a drinker my next morning go to is Black & White Coffee Roasters If you follow my social media account you may recognize the lattes above as I am a frequent customer. They make the prettiest lattes in town and the baked goods they get from Strong Arm Baking which are TO DIE FOR! Again I am drooling. Homemade pop tarts are my favorite and I need one just thinking about it. Yummmmy.




::AFTERNOON:: You may either think Wake Forest University is still located in WF or you may know it moved to Winston back in the day. Now the Southeastern Seminary College is located in the heart of Wake Forest. The campus is beautiful and I love strolling through there with the dogs on a beautiful day. Just down the road from campus is the original site of Wake Forest University. There is also the cutest museum. Wake Forest Museum – I love learning the history behind a place and WF has a lot of it!

Another fun Lunch time activity I have done in Wake Forest is have my own tea party at Sugar Magnolia Café. I went with my mom and sister for my 30th Birthday, and would love to go again with a group of friends. They bring you out your choice of tea, a fresh spread of tea sandwiches, scones, and other treats, and if you want to booze with your tea time you can do like we did and add a mimosa! Such a fun and cute experience! I have seen many mothers and young daughters do this as well and figured why not me too!? I don’t have to be a little girl or have one to dress up and have a tea party! Neither do you! Book a party on their site : Sugar Magnolia Tea Party


::NIGHT:: The nightlife is starting to come alive in Wake Forest. Especially with all the new restaurants and bars popping up! There are so many I like to go to so I will just list my top restaurants and evening drop ins below:

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My Top 5 Restaurants:

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My top bar choices:

If you need family fun (or non family) the local bowling alley is also another great option! Brooks St Bowling – fun for all ages and full bar 😉

Go out and explore the town and your surroundings! you would be surprised at the things you can find! More Local guides to come! Let me know in the comments if there is something you would like to see in the future! (Below are some photos from my years adventuring in WF so far!)

XOXO. Peash Out. ♥



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