Sales of my favorite purchases in 2018

I want to share some of my favorite picks from 2018 that are now on sale! Happy Thursday & Happy shopping!!

• • •

First! My BP duster from Nordstrom. This can be dressed up or down. It is so comfy and the closest to a robe I can get away with in public – here are 2 ways I have styled this duster:

BP Duster $38.98 (originally $65)

Next are these adorable slippers from old navy! So cute and so cozy! Comfort is key these days.

Pom Pom Slippers $6.97

I posted these rain booties in a story recently but wanted to share again because they are my favorite to pull out when it rains. Chic rain booties for the win. Booties $26.99 (mine where double that price)

moving on.. I love the oversized look and with Ariana’s concert coming up this spring I needed to get one for her concert obviously. . Let’s be honest I’ll prob cave and buy a sweetener sweatshirt- She’s the queen of large Sweatshirts and knee highs 😍. NY sweatshirt dress on sale now for only $13.99!

What a great Segway into my favorite purchase in NYC! My min&mon bag!! I have 2 so far and plan to keep collecting these amazing hand made beauties! my bag is sold out but they have SO many amazing ones to choose from! Only one currently on sale but I had to include this bag.

Hope you all have an amazing rest of your day! It’s almost the weekend babes!!! 💕💕

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