Cutest Tea Sammies

Y’all I have discovered a new love for quail eggs and I need to share it with my world. These Tiny speckled babies look so freaking cute in their shell or on a flying pan. You can eat them so many different ways and they are delicious! I like the yolk to white ratio because the yolk is the best part, duh.

I’m not gonna pretend to be a health nut because I am not. I like to eat stuff that is rich and flavorful. Although I do try to eat healthier on a day to day based; I am not afraid to indulge and do so often. Why not? Food is amazing!

Anywho- I used to hate eggs I’m not even sure why (other than the smell) but my new found love for them has me trying all sorts of recipes! I made some over easy this morning with biscuits and bacon. For lunch I made these adorable tea Sammie’s.

These little guys are tricky to peel so I linked the instructions I followed here: Peeling hard boiled quail eggs 🥚

This is super simple and maybe my next book club snack!

Your choice of toast – cut into 4’s

Spread fresh avocado onto toast

Add half of boiled quail egg

Top with Sliced tomato

Dust with s&p


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