Valentines a la Target

ALadies.. Valentines or Galentines whichever you prefer to celebrate (I choose both!) is just around the corner. I always wait last minute to throw together a Valentines Day outfit especially because I never know what we are going to be doing. This year I have decided to get ahead of the game and get my outfit early.

I wanted to piece together a few outfits for all types of dates! Casual, dressy, and laid back. Those are the 3 looks I am going for with this post. All outfits and the accessories (shoes and bag) are from Target. I have linked everything at the bottom of the post so you can click and shop away!


Casual                    •                                          Sexy                          •                         Cool

I also came across this adorable bachelor tee 😍 & jump suit! Cute for Vday or just any day! Day time & Night attire!

Happy Shopping Loves!

O U T F I T :: D E T A I L S —>

Striped Ribbed Knit Dress     Jump Suit 

Bachelor Tee      White Flats

Fuchsia Velvet Dress  Red Bag  Striped Crop

High Waisted Mom Jeans


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