Lily’s sugar bouquets

Happy Tuesday y’all. I know it’s probably hard to be smile’s and cheery on day that’s this dang dreary.. LOL see what I did there… No worries loves because I’m here to brighten your day with some *sweet* news. 💐 + 🧁

I had the advantage of meeting Amy – the owner of the small batch company Lily’s Sugar Bouquets here locally in Wake Forest. She made me some of the most delicious cupcakes I have literally ever had! If you ever watch my stories then you already know I’m pretty much a fat ass. I love all foods but I have a really big sweet tooth especially when it comes to cakes. Cupcake, regular cake, cookie, anything sweet with icing – count me IN 👏🏼.

When Amy messaged me about trying her cupcakes I was so excited! Cupcakes are one of the many keys to my heart. Along with booze, cheese, and Harry Potter. When I got my bouquet I almost didn’t wanna eat it because they were so pretty! – don’t worry I ate them… all (spaces out in 2 sittings!) 😂 The entire thing is made from scratch. Icing and all! If you love cake you HAVE to try these! I’ve posted her pricing and info below! These would make perfect teachers gifts, Easter Treat, or even Birthday! Mother’s Day is coming up too. She now is doing actual cakes also!!

Incase you overlooked it she makes alcohol cupcakes too -Omg I can’t!!! That’s even more of a reason to check her out⬇️⬇️⬇️

IG: @lilyssugarbouquets

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