Wellness Wednesday!! Topic: Hemp products

Happy Wednesday! I recently told you guys I would be adding some new content.. well, this is my first addition:

*Wellness Wednesday*

– I figured with everyone getting beach body ready this would be the perfect time to do so! I recently interviewed a new store in town, and wanted to kick start my wellness adventures sharing a little about it with you!

For those who do not already use any kind of hemp product or CBD – you may not realize how many amazing things it can help with! The owner and manager of the new Hemp Farmacy in Downtown Wake Forest have had a lot of speculators as well. I did a recent poll on my Instagram and was surprised at how many people did / did not want to learn more about the benefits of CBD. If you are not interested you will not want to continue reading this. (Bye Felicia) – Buuuut for those of you who want to try this I am here to tell you there are so many options!

First, CBD is not the same as marijuana but it is similar. It comes from the same plant but come from the Male parts of the plant which do not make you high. It also has different types from full spectrum to isolates (no thc). I know people who use it for pain management, seizures, depression, and so much more. I personally wanted to try CBD for my Gastro intestinal issues. I hate the doctor and refused to go get a scope put down my throat to tell me that I have IBS or some other kind of stomach issues – which I have had many doctors tell me (they basically don’t know). I’d heard many benefits of stomach related issues from taking CBD so I decided to try it for myself. I tried a few edible CBD gummy options from head shops in the area but, I really wasn’t able to get much from those so I thought they were not legit..

Until one afternoon I was walking around Downtown Wake Forest looking for a photo opportunity, and stumbled across this new hemp store. The Hemp Farmacy has just opened in wake Forest (but there is another location downtown Raleigh). It originated in Wilmington North Carolina, so it is local to our state which I love!! Elizabeth and her husband started this after deciding not to go to medical school. She did have a passion however to help people which is why they decided to open this store in particular. The couple believes whole heartedly in the benefits of CBD and use it daily. I told them my symptoms and issues and they gave me suggestions. After some debating on what I thought would benefit me and my wallet The Hemp Farmacy set me up with a tincture which are drops you put under your tongue daily. I have been using it for a little over a week and already have noticed results.

The store has edibles from candy to popcorn to drinks with CBD infused in them! Waxes, flower, cartridges, tinctures, even bath bombs for pain!! Endless options: Go check them out. You won’t be disappointed!


Their grand opening is May 8th from 11-3pm and The ribbon cutting is at 12. It will be open house style with drinks and snacks!


✖️Bonus post: CYCLEBAR was my blogger fitness meet up for the month of April and it kicked my butt in the best way! Such a fun and upbeat class. I didn’t know cycling was so damn hard!

**Also as a special treat to my followers Cyclebar in North Hills is giving you 8 rides for $88 (to be used within 8 weeks) you can purchase in the link below or mention me in the studio to receive the discount!


let me know in the comments your thoughts on wellness Wednesday and if it should continue 🙂

Chow babes. Xo

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