Bye bugssss

Did you know Charlotte (9) and Raleigh (10) were recently ranked in the top ten worst places for mosquitoes ( NC mosquito article )😲 holy crap! I already get eaten alive by these pesky things. I know many of us do, but I swear my blood is like the sweetest nectar and they ignore all others around me! I am going to try my best (after my camping trip deet coverage failed me) to repel these damn things! These helped me last year so hopefully if just up the ante .. it will work again! I don’t want to be spraying anti itch all summer.

My tips for helping you not look like you have the chicken pox all summer:

First of all….

• get your yard treated for mosquitoes specifically. A few local sites below:

Mosquito joes

Mosquito control Raleigh

Mosquito hunters

If that isn’t in your price range , OR you aren’t into chemicals – simply plant things around your house that naturally repel mosquitoes and other pests, such as:



•lemongrass / lemon thyme





•rosemary, garlic, and so much more!

This really helps when I garden! I don’t get swarmed which is great because I love spending time in my garden. It’s one of my happy places at home. Nobody wants a grumpy Alicia on their hands. Now I need to plant some in pots for my upstairs balcony so I can also enjoy that without being tortured. If you can’t tell I hate mosquitoes with a burning passion!

For when I am outdoors but not near my army of bug fighting plants I use a spray I bought when living in SC. It is mixture of lemongrass, eucalyptus, & geranium oils (and some more) that have a water base. This is the only thing I found that doesn’t smell bad or feel sticky. I will use deet if I HAVE to, but it’s not my first choice. I have linked some natural bug sprays below!

Citronella mist

Badger balm

Mission essentials (I use this! Made in Charleston, SC) pic below:

You can also make your own! So many recipes on Pinterest but here’s a simple one if you wanted to try it at home.

I plan to try this myself once my bottle of fight back is gone. Lort help me.. it’s going to be a long, hot, bug filled summer!

One last hope for you: Bug repellent bracelet

If you do get bit by these assholes I use after bite and Benadryl spray because I am a pansy and I need intense relief and I need it now so all the strong stingy meds but again for those who want natural:

•baking soda




•essential oils

Good Luck out there- they be biting! ✌🏼

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