Real talk

Real talk which for me today is going to be hair talk. Yes I got that fresh cut by my boo Erin yesterday, but that’s not what I am here to gab about. So many of us struggle with insecurities. We are our biggest critics which makes us harder on ourselves than anyone else. On social media people want to show their best selves.. but that isn’t always the real self. I want to be more real on my feed and share some of the downs I go through as well as the silly fun adventures I currently display. ♥

{Insecurities (definition): uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.}

Mine: I am super self conscious about my hair. It has been gradually getting thin since college.  It was never super thick but it wasn’t something that used to stress me out.  I have always envied the girls who have big thick pony tails and luxurious flowing locks, but I will never have that hair unless I want to fork out $$$$ for a wig or extensions.  I have used powders and sprays in my hair for years and I started adding blonde for texture about 2 years ago. This has definitely helped in the volume department because the color changed the texture of my hair. Which is normally super soft and fine which makes it harder to tease and look big. I used to obsess and compare every thin head of hair that passed me. Wondering if my hair had a piece in the back out of place exposing my scalp. I admit I still from time to time do this, BUT have made it more of a practice to focus on the positives that come with having my hair and how to embrace it. Rather than constantly beating myself up about it.


((Photo Caption: “I don’t PLAY- I SLAY”))

Ways I found to love my biggest insecurity:

  1. Stop comparing myself to others – yes I will always want Selena Gomez hair but I will never have it so time to move on!
  2. Ignore negative feedback – I had someone ask me if I had ever considered Rogaine.. this was not prompted by me complaining about my hair but it did trigger my insecurities. I had to brush it off and laugh it off.
  3. LAUGH about it! – I joke and compare my hair to a child’s all the time because well it is basically as thin as some friends toddlers but WHO CARES – now I can just watch easier tutorials on how to do your child’s hair. Win Win. right? no but I am trying to be funny here. tee-hee.
  4. Have fun with it~ once I stopped worrying about if white scalp was showing or if I have a bald looking spot I learning fun up-do’s and styles I can play around with. Do I still stress about my hair… some days but not nearly as much.
  5. Focus on the fab – my hair is fabulous in the following ways: it takes zero time to blow dry, curl, or straighten, my hair cuts are significantly lower, and it isn’t hot AF during the summer, and it is MINE! Anything a part of yourself you should find love for!


The photo I posted yesterday and today both are ones I would have deleted in the past of cropped the top of my head out of.. Why? What for? Both still a great photos (in my opinion) and I know that I am probably one of the very few people who even notice it. We focus so much on our flaws when really we should only make time for what makes us flourish!

Challenge yourself: Instead of focusing of covering up your flaws embrace and feature them! This could be in any way, shape, or form! I hope this is relatable to at least one person out there. Have a fabulous rest of the week and a cute day as JVN would say.



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