Why I blog

For me it started as a creative outlet, and a way to get my boyfriend to stop calling me vain every time I wanted a selfie in my latest outfit ….::insert eye roll:: BUT it evolved into a community that I love being a part of. The relationships I have formed with other bloggers and local businesses is why I chose to continue this journey.

I love my new friends I have made through this process and the more local business I can support the better.  I know there is not much profitability in local for big time bloggers, but that is not my mission. I want to share local finds, and fun styles. I want you to be able to find afforable items but still loook fly! My dear friend & fellow blogger Conner Altman aka @heyyallblog was just on a local podcast (Panicked Millennial) and said something that I felt was SO on point : “DO good, BE kind, Look cute”

This spoke volumes to me, and you really should go follow her because shes a one of a kind gem and I just absolutely love HER. She is the content I love to see on my feed. Fly aways and all boo boo!

Don’t get me wrong I get discouraged all the time. When my following fluctuates, or when I see that 4 people read my blog post that took me hours to put together. It can be hard and we are always our worst critics so I try to stay out of my head and have fun with it. My mission is not to look perfect, or go on fancy trips, or to give you FOMO. It is just to live my best life and share my silly ass self. I try to be real and raw, which some people may not like but that is the beauty of the internet. Keep scrolling! Find something or someone who makes you feel good, makes you smile, inspires you! It may not be me.. that is ok! There are so many amazing entrepreneurs out there doing big things.

If you are thinking about starting a blog or just started one — don’t be hard on yourself, be you, and have fun. YOLO isn’t just from a Drake song. You actually only live once. GO LIVE!

PS this CUTE AF skirt is from TARGET LEOPARD MIDI ($22.99)

Superga’s <– my platforms are a little pricey but HOW CUTE! ($89)

Podcast Conner was on below! you should check it out!!

xoxoxoxo PS: my bday tomorrow don’t forget 😉

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