Color Run 5k giveaway

Hello loves!! Yay for fall being around the corner and what better way to gear up for sweater weather than with a 5k!? Said no one ever probably but I am challenging myself and I am pumped! My sister is going to join me and the amazing people with Color In Motion have partnered up with us to provide tickets to 2 followers to join the race as well!!!

On Saturday September 7th @ 9 am join thousands at the start in your clean white shirts that will quickly get blasted in color with our Mega Color Blaster. Throughout the course, you will run through four more color stations, where you get plastered with even more color. Music at each color station will keep you pumped for the whole race! At the finish, grab your awesome race medal on your way to the Color Bash after party. Our DJ will keep the party going with sick beats, prizes and, you guessed it, even more color! Here is the website to learn more: https://colorinmotion5k


All you have to do is follow both mine and color in motions Instagram accounts:


Color in Motion

 • Tag your 3 favorite running buddies on my latest post and stay tuned!!!

Winner will be announced Next Monday August, 26th! I will send you a code you can use to sign up and get your 2 free tickets on the Color In Motion website. Good Luck!

 My sister and I are going to be repping MoveforJenn foundation shirts to support sarcoma awareness! The proceeds go towards amputees who need prostheses and for further research! Jenn’s mission of helping other sarcoma amputees started when her and her husband discovered the financial burden of being a young, and active amputee. Jenn has encouraged people to continue to move because you can! Even through her battle she stayed strong and continues to kick ass daily. This girl would out run me not doubt! Check out their site and how you can help!

 These tanks are only $25! There’s so many more cute Tee’s for women, men, and children. These are just my 3 favorites. Alivia and I will be rocking the Grey “move bc you can” tanks! You know you want one toooo!!👏🏼

Good Luck everyone! I hope to be running beside of your in September 😁


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