The perfect gift: heatedNeck & Shoulder massager

This is the thing I’ve been posting on my stories non stop and since the DM’s keep coming I figured I would post it on here!

$36.89 and worth every penny!

Corey and I literally fight over who gets to use it and for how long. I reminds me of having to wait me turn for my 30 minutes of dial up internet time to update my AIM profile 🤣 good times good times. Now my brat ass shits here with a heated neck massager by my fire place online posting a blog from my phone, watching tv, and waiting on the melatonin to kick in. Wild Monday night y’all.

Anyways not sponsored or anything this thing is just that awesome so I felt the need to share it with you lovely gems.

Link to purchase here: Neck Massager

That last pic doe.. I didn’t even know it could do all that so it just got even better while writing this! Hollaaaaaaaa •••••

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