Valentines date ideas in Raleigh

It’s coming up soon y’all but after being in a relationship for several years with a man, who I have come to terms with just isn’t the most romantic, I have to be the one to make Vday fun. I’m ok with this because it means we get to do what I want to .. so win win for me! We like to keep things low key but I wanted to share some of my ideas for this year.

In the past we have gone out to eat for the most part. Melting pot, sushi, or a nice steak dinner. Fun and all but it is getting old. This year valentines is on a Friday so I wanted to brainstorm on some fun things we could do.

Here’s a list of ideas I came up with..

1. I want to go to a drive in movie so bad but right now it’s sooo cold I may need to wait a little longer for that. If weather permits it would be so fun to fill the bed of the truck up with pillows and blankets grab some grub and cuddle up with Corey. If it’s negative 10 like it feels now an alternative would be breakfast in bed but for dinner! Set up a projector or just watch movies on the tv! There is a drive in movie theatre in Henderson! Raleigh Road drive in also I’ve heard the Alamo is a cool atmosphere and they serve food so BOOM! All in one stop! Alamo

2. Comedy Show! We love stand up so I think it would be so fun to go see a local comedy show. Beth Stelling will be performing at good nights the whole weekend. GoodNights Comedy Club then if you were feeling frisky go line dance the night away at city limits. I haven’t been there since sophomore year of college so idk if that place even still exists but could be fun.

3. Bowling – I recently went to kings in North Hills on a double date and it was so fun! Not only do they have a great set up, the food and drinks are so good! Not your average bowling alley food! Any bowling alley will do but I highly suggest this one. Kings

Now if you did want to keep it more traditional and dress up in your red attire I suggest any of the following options:

Wyehill $$ for the foodies – the deviled eggs are my absolute favorite. Anything on special will be divine because chef fletcher is one of the best around! (In my opinion) also great view of downtown!

Royale $$ French dishes & killer oysters. Then you could have a romantic stroll through city market.

J Betski’s $$$ German & Polish dishes like confit or schnitzel – then either head to Glenwood for a nightcap or the opposite way to Krispy Kreme!

Hayes Barton $$ best diner! at-least go for dessert, the cake slices are hugeeee! You know I go for the cake y’all.

Mulino $$ the gnocchi is to die for! Such a romantic atmosphere as well! Also close to Glenwood so you could continue the night out if you wanted!

Oak $$$ the Beef Wellington with foie gras melts in your mouth. In the warehouse district so tons to do nearby! Axe throwing at the food hall, karaoke at Flex, or drinks at Junction West!

Whatever you do have fun and remember this is really just another commercialized holiday, and you should always show love to yourself / significant other.


5 thoughts on “Valentines date ideas in Raleigh

    1. Great ideas! We usually do not go out but this year we’ll have a date night with friends. Thanks for sharing! XO, Leslie


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