Making grocery shopping easy and fun! Tips to try:

Many of us are the “sole provider” when it comes to the groceries. If you have a man who does this for you consider yourself a lucky one but for those like mine .. you’re better off going alone.

When it comes to shopping I have had many years of trial and error. I used to just eye ball and grab things at random but then I couldn’t ever come up with a meal and I ended up wasting it. Sometimes I would overload on “healthy” items that would perish before I could eat them.

Now I try to Pinterest and meal plan. Now don’t get confused with meal prepping. I cook one meal a night (at least 4 nights a week) yuck left overs – I am a brat I know- BUT it also gives us a reason to have a date night! I typically start by going through what I already have when meal planning. For example this weeks haul I picked meals that were based around the remaining frozen fish & venison we have. I also see which veggies and snacks are running low

Then based on that I search Pinterest for inspiration! In my freezer currently I have grouper, sheepshead, cubed venison, & chicken. I recently had Laotian cuisine in Knoxville, TN at Sticky Rice( Menu Incase anyone ever goes to Knoxville I linked them menu) My friends Lee & Z are obsessed and now I know why! I had pho and they had Kow Poon. Soo spicy but so amazing and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! I needed to add some of those flavors to my dishes! So with all of this in mind this weeks menu was created:

I love getting creative in the kitchen but I also like simplicity! I will be sharing each dish as I cook them on my other media outlet so watch out for those!

Now not only is shopping a pain in the butt, but it’s just not the most fun thing to do. So I have had this idea of G shopping day dates for a while. I don’t mean with your significant other unless y’all are just that cute and then f you. Lol jk.. kinda. I mean get a girl friend to meet you at the store and y’all get your shop on. Could be an easy way to share recipes or meal ideas?! I haven’t been able to try it out yet. You know with the holidays and everything ..but we are all slowly getting back into the groove Sooooo if anyone is down holler atcha girl! I just want to go pretend to be a rich house wife and stroll around weigmans with a glass of wine. Buy a few pastries and nice pre made meals then go to Trader Joe’s and get all the things. But before all of this you’ve got to go to Lidl and get all the produce because it’s cheap as F!

Per usual I’m all over the place with this post but to summarize it helps to scout out inspo for meals before you hit the store and it’s always more fun with a friend. Drop a comment if you’d ever consider a grocery store date with a friend!! I’m interested to see if I’m the only one who wants to do this haha!!!

One thought on “Making grocery shopping easy and fun! Tips to try:

  1. Love reading this. We just moved so I am starting all over with groceries. I have been thinking about doing a meal subscription to cut down on the thought process. A lot of my produce goes to waste because I never know what to do with the leftover veggies. Thanks for sharing this.

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