Bolognese Recipe

Wanted to throw up my venison bolognese recipe for anyone who needs a new dish or wants to play around in the kitchen! You can use any type of meat or meat substitute! I’ve seen nuts used as a meat alternative and it actually sounds amazing! (Pulse walnuts until gets meaty looking and add a bunch of seasoning- idk what else you’d have to research)

Any who back to my meats! I didn’t always love the flavor of venison, but since Corey is an avid hunter we always have it. Therefore I needed to learn how to cook it a way I liked! I tried out many recipes but my FAVORITE is one I copied from Alicia Sandve (she used beef so it’s all about preference) – y’all she is an amaZing cook & she moved before I could make her cook me up her deliciousness so I had to mimic her recipe! Luckily it was pretty easy. All you need is some meat, herbs/seasoning, few veggies, and red wine.

I didn’t use any type of measurements. I just took handfuls and taste tested. So here ya go!

Finely chop carrots, celery, and onion. (I use half a bag of baby carrots, a few stalks of celery and a whole onion. Throw in some in some garlic (2-3 cloves)

Put this in a pot to sweat – until all the water is gone (May take a while) Then add your meat (I do 2 lbs) 1 can tomato paste, 2 cans diced toms, 1 cup of red wine, Italian seasoning, & salt to taste.

Now it’s time for the waiting game. Simmer on slow for 4 hours! Enjoy a glass of that wine while you house is taken over by the rich aroma of the bolognese.

After the “sauce” is done, I like to cover pappardelle noodles in the meaty goodness and then follow it with some grated Parmesan and parsley. If I’m feeling fancy I will add a poached or over easy quail egg on top! I’ve also put it over gnocchi, risotto, and spaghetti squash!!

Final product::

A few other things I’ve made with venison meat:

• ground venison tacos

• sloppy joes – just add manwich && the next day I stuffed peppers with the left overs!

Back strap fajitas – *pro tip! Best marinade for venison is coco aminos! Promise you it is game changing!!!

If you have access to venison I highly recommend giving it a try!!! Let me know if you have any recipes I should try too!

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