My house & I live here

Ello lovahs! It’s a marvelous Sunday morning (it’s Now Tuesday aka I’m late posting this) and like the crazy lady I have turned into I spent most of it already cleaning. In the past 5 years I’ve turned into a morning person (never would have thought) & I love to clean. Who am I! Is this 32? Lol anyway since my house was looking pretty cute I figured I’d share some shots & links of my favorite pieces around the house!

First up the most asked about piece of furniture we own: the farm table – Wayfair farm table

We bought a few chairs and a bench seat. The bench seat is in the best spot (TV view) sooo basically we both sit on it every time we eat in our dining room. Do you “unplug” at dinner or do you watch tv? I’m curious how many people still have a legit sit down dinner these days. I am super excited to eventually host some dinners here and possibly a thanksgiving one of these years! Many memories to be made around this beauty and it makes me smile 🙂

Any who moving on up, literally. Right above the table to talk about our Cage light! Our light fixture is another favorite that I get questions about often. One of the more affordable we we’re able to find. This isn’t our exact one but similar Cage Light version. Not sure if the one we got is out of stock or just no longer available but there are so many options for these type of lights! Just search farm style cage lighting.

I just loveee it! OK, To the Kitchen!!!! Now for times when the dinning room table is covered in laundry we also bought a new kitchen table! Simple, cute, and has storage! This Kitchen Table is perfect for the 2 of us but may not be what you want in a full family home. Seats 2 comfortably but not much room for more chairs due to the shelf.

Next we go from the kitchen upstairs to my favorite place in the house.. my closet!!! That’s actually my most traveled route in the house (lol) kitchen to closet and vice versa! My new favorite addition to my closet room I wanted to highlight is my newest birthday gift – my ottoman! (Thanks to my sweet boyfriend who crushed this years bday birthday game). I mean How cute is she!?!? And she has storage inside so she’s always multitasking. Which I lerv.

Yass girl! Tufted ottoman click, shop, neva stop.

We love all of the simple new furniture but we also went very minimal on the decor. Some of my favorite new pieces are things like the bathroom shelving. I can still decorate it with my “damn trinkets” as corey calls them, but it’s out of the way, has the essentials as well, and looks great too! I’m also not as great with indoor plants as I am outdoor so these fake plants are perfect! I get all of mine from target and they look pretty legit!

Fake Plants

We still have a long ways to go and our next project is the back deck. Hopefully I won’t be so slack & you’ll hear from me before then but don’t hold your breath. I’m entering Q4 with my full time job so the blog and social media will be taking a back seat but I’ll still be around. XO until next time loves. Oh PS: below is our living room pre renovations. just to give you some perspective.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the updates on your home! I love your travel route from the kitchen to the closet! I also love that your boyfriend got you a cute ottoman for your closet, it’s a dream! Ps, I am all for the fake plants!

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