Quick local Valentines Gift Guide!

(From sugar magnolia last year)

Hello lovers it’s almost Valentine’s Day and / or Galentine‘s day!! I celebrate both! but if you want to buy yourself something this could be for you, if you need to send your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, lover, or whoever over to my blog to buy you something this is totally for you.

I am quickly throwing together this guide because as you can tell I don’t have a lot of time right now but since I skipped out on a Christmas guide I figured why the hell not do a little Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t need a present? Even if it’s a holiday invented by Hallmark. I mean they do make great movies.

Anyways send your significant other over here to click away and shop with that stimulus check boo boo!!!!

First off we are going to start with some pampering OK girl. We are talking about the feet. The Raleigh foot spa is one of the most amazing little gems I have found in the area. They have so many options, and they make your feet feel fabulous. Perfect gift for yourself or significant other. You can purchase a gift card online: http://www.footmassagespa.net – so simple & side note this is a GREAT gift for the pregnant ladies!!

Just a few photos of the spa

Now if your honey loves food like I do I have some other options for you too.

If you’re into charcuterie like everybody in the world right now you got a hit up my girl femmefomage and get some meat some cheese or some candy I think she has all the options I don’t know but she’s fabulous DM her go to the site go get you some local charcuterie! Click to order!

So pretty I almost didn’t want to eat it

Of course we have Sugar Magnolia also a local Wake Forest favorite of mine. They have so many good eats & sweet treats to spoil yourself or someone with, or you could have yourself a little tea party! https://www.sugarmagnoliacafe.com

If you were in the Raleigh area head over to Lafayette Village to The Chocolate Boutique . You could get your babes name on the chocolate or something cute! They do so many creative amazing custom things with their candy! You just need to go check it out this place and trust me! When it’s warmer outside they do outdoor movies so maybe you could even plan a little date go enjoy your chocolates and then snuggle up and watch a movie!

Chocolate on chocolate

OK now back to self-care. You need to go to Homebodys in downtown Wake Forest a jade roller, some oils, maybe a weighted mask? Just some products that you or your lover can use to have a little spa day at home, or get them a little Decour just because we love that, OR you could grab some cocktail infusions kits and make prep some cocktails for that next date that you’re planning (or SHOULD BE PLANNING) wink wink!Homebodysnc 🤍

Self care is key

I also wanted to make drop a few restaurants if you wanted to get take out or dine in on Vday!

1. For my low key folks who don’t want to dress up I would suggest either Shuckers Oyster Bar or Lelis Diner in Wake Forest. For my Raleigh folks St. Roch or The Cardinal bc every girl wants a wiener right? Jk jk but seriously go there. Best hot dogs in Raleigh.

Last years Vday meal – Lobster ravioli is my go to at Lelis

2. For the ones who want to get a little more fancy I would say Bodega in Wake Forest or The Rockford in m Raleigh!

Hope this helps you have a happy & hopefully delicious Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Quick local Valentines Gift Guide!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing ideas. I love it. I have heard great things about the foot massage place. I have also eaten at Leli’s dinner; it is really good.


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