Monday Funday: Raleigh Restaurants open on Mondays

Sunday Scaries are not a thing if you keep it going on Monday! I love having a fun date night on a Monday. Who wants to ruin the great vibes you had over the weekend?! Most people take Monday to regroup and prep for the week which means a lot of businesses are not open. I was searching for places to go out on a Monday recently and had a pretty hard time narrowing down a date night spot. So, I figured I would throw together a short list of places open on Mondays for anyone else who is feeling a Monday night out!

Mondays can also be fundays

Vidrio– fun tapas for you and friends or you and bae! They have a little bit of everything & such a cool atmosphere! Located on Glenwood and easily accessible with parking around the corner. The artwork inside is worth the trip alone although I do enjoy the bar seating the most.

Oyster, charcuterie, Burrata = my heaven.
Vidrio you are a special place.

Whiskey Kitchen– a little more low key with great outdoor seating options. This spot in the heart of Downtown never disappoints! Great spot to watch the sunset while sipping on cocktails and enjoying shareable options!

Those pork cracklings biscuits get me every time! Sooo good

Taverna Agora– want to feel like a Greek goddess while dining on a roof top? Of course you do! Great menu, and just off Hillsborough St!

It’s the lamb shank for meeee

Barcelona– another small plate spot with great cocktails and I right beside the Dillon if you are able to sneak up for the view it’s totally worth it!

Now I know someone is going to be like but what about Wake Forest.. well most everything is closed except for Norse Brewery but they have a great menu as well! On the casual side but more unique than your typical bar food. I’m obsessed with their chicken tenders, sandwich, and the tots!

Pro tip: add pimento to the chicken Sammie 10/10

I hope this helps anyone who is wanting to have a Monday date night or just continuing the weekend vibe!! I tried to keep it short and sweet because regardless it is a Monday so blehhh!

*New* addition!!! Wyehill is now open on Mondays! They have great food, cocktails, beer, and the view is one of the best. My personal fav dish are their deviled eggs!

Can’t beat that view

One thought on “Monday Funday: Raleigh Restaurants open on Mondays

  1. Peashy,

    Thanks so much for sharing all of these yummy spots, I have been to all of them before. I am passed due to go to Taverna Agora again. I need to visit that restaurant again. I loved our dinner at Vidrio. Happy Monday date nights!!!


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