Peashy’s Cheerwine Pappy Punch

Y’all! I am SO excited to be partnering with Cheerwine to bring you a simple but delish cocktail for the holiday season!

A little background on this amazing southern brand. Cheerwine is the iconic 104-year-old, family-owned soft drink from Salisbury, N.C.

Cheerwine’s seasonal soft drink is the perfect blend of Cheerwine, tangy pineapple juice and bright, bubbly ginger ale. YUM in my TUM! And guess what!?! Cheerwine Punch is available in North Carolina and South Carolina grocery stores and online through Dec. 31!

Anyways back to my little pappy punch! All you need is…

8 oz (1 liquid cup) Limited Edition Holiday Cheerwine
1.5 oz (1 shot) Bourbon
1 tsp lime juice

For a fun festive twist I rimmed my glasses in honey and dipped it in red & green sprinkles! A cinnamon sugar blend would also be a great option. And for garnish, slice up that extra part of lime and throw in a cinnamon stick!

Ain’t they purdy?!

I hope you enjoy this little pack of pappy punch to warm you up and keep things fun & festive during the holidays! Xoxo,

Peashy klause ❤️ 🤶

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