Wake Forest Gift Guide

Hi loves! Peashy Klause here resorting from the Forest. Santa sent me to spread the local business cheer and to make sure y’all remember to support small! I picked just a few local businesses to feature that I personally love and support in hope you will too!!

So let’s get started!

The gift for anyone and everyone! Ok so I know soap can be an iffy gift sometimes. People either love or hate that. It can sometime seem like a thoughtless gift, unless the soap has a story, a meaning, and gives back! I absolutely love Hummingbird soaps for all of these reasons. She hand makes all of her products with love and has passion behind her products. She donates back to charities with earnings and works with other local vendors. Not only is the owner Katherine the sweetest soul but she loves what she does and it shows! If you follow me on the daily you know I LOVE a bath and her bath bombs are the BEST!

Don’t risk it get these biscuits!! Ayyeee another great gift that can go male or female that I am so excited about is a curated box from Raleigh Biscuit Co! Who doesn’t love a melt in your mouth fluffy biscuit!?! My girl is a fabulous baker and creates the most amazing biscuits, mixes, seasonings, butters..I could go on and on but just trust me.. Victoria knows what she is doing! Go find her at a pop up locally! She is such a fun person to get to know and I so appreciate her constant support!

Now for the ladies, iykyk I love me a valerosa bag.. I have been raving about them since I saw my first one at triangle pop up! I now have 2 minis and an overnight totes. Next up clutch and small tote hehe! Her mission is the most special part of her small business. She support artists in South America who hand make these bags and have their own inspirational stories. Also, I literally get stopped everywhere I go to get asked about this bag! It is great for all things and you need one or to buy one for your boo.

Ps they are woven plastic so super easy to clean and makes them great for all occasions!

Self care, we need to treat our skin with love people! Which is why I had to include Celeste essentials in this guide. I absolutely love her products. I know everything that is in them, they are clean, they are made with me in mind & I love that so much! I have multiple serums, had a bar soap for sensitive skin that corey was obsessed with so I let him have it, and the most amazing multi purpose spray I use in the shower, on my bed, and even my body. A lot of people are about clean skin products but are yours local!?! They could be!!!

Now for my fellow boozers. I am not sure if you have visited the newish bottle shop downtown but they have such a great selection of beer & wine! The owner Fred is such an awesome guy and the atmosphere is just a fun place to be. Wine tastings on the weekends but the door is always open for you to come crack one open! Go grab your fellow lush a bottle of wine or a local 6 pack!

And last but not least my OG homies – Homebody’s! I just love this little store and all that is inside. The cutest decor, and hand made wood working creations- my girl kaylyn does workshops too! Such a fun way to spend time with friends or family. Again, made my hand, locally with love. That’s what it is all about y’all.

How cute are her handmade gnomes!?!?

Of course there are so many other amazing businesses in this area so I encourage you to go out explore this town and all it has to offer! Also Friday is the start of the Lights on Cedar Ave. free light show right in downtown historic WF. Even Santa stops by!

Happy Holidays!!!


Peashy Klause ❤️

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