Holiday Promo Codes

With baby Payne on the way this mama is too tired to come up with a guide. Although last years would still be a great source to shop local for the holidays! I was able to collaborate with a few of my favorite local small businesses to provide some promo codes for y’all. These are for online purchases only.

Holiday Promo codes:

Peashykeen15 for 15% off @shopblakeleys–801wuhWJRRgZqrv2Y9tCjb1DTLi2nZ7uTqshcdswkkcmowBIc3nhwI

Alicia15 for 15% off @Shopbofemme

Keen20 for 20% off @arrowtreeboutique – valid in store as well!

WFFOODIE10 for 10% off online order @homebodys

Alicia20 for 20% off Vitzsie boutique

Keen15 for 15% off Hummingbird Soaps

Peashy20 for 20% off Valerosa Boutique

Peashy22 for 22% off CK creations!

I hope this helps you shop local this holiday season! Remember small businesses are the best and we love them ❤️❤️❤️

Alicia15 for 15% off shop.lunae

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