Last minute Halloween costumes on the fly

Halloween is around the corner.. are you ready?! Me either

As far back as I can remember I have always procrastinated on costumes. This year I am going to my girl Sarah’s Halloween party in Charlotte. I have been brainstorming for weeks and have continued changing my mind… now it’s the week of and ya girl has notta.

I have come up with a few last minute ideas which I will come to a final decision on tomorrow when it’s time to head to the QC. And I will prob change my mind again once I get to CLT and raid everyone else’s closets ha.

If you need a last minute party plan – check these easy cheap af ideas:

1. Arthur – This made me crack up and I may do this just bc I thought it was hilarious and so easy. Jeans, yellow sweater, glasses, ears āœ…

2. Popcorn – easy & cute! I’m just not crafty enough for the top. I was thinking you could even just take a white t shirt and sponge paint yellow areas and wear a red skirt?! If you’re crafty I’m sure michaels or any craft store would have these supplies for cheap!

3. Bob Ross – all you need is denim, a paint brush, and a happy tree! If Corey wasn’t LAME SUPREME I would have made him be my happy tree šŸ˜‚ šŸŒ² he’s stocked in camo but he is on dog duty this weekend so I can get my party on. Is it odd I want to be Bob? Haha! I would totally buy or paint on a beard.

4. My favorite always! Chic Harry Potter! Or any HP character for that matter. A friend of mine dressed her daughter as Dobby and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen! Here I wore black leather leggings, a white collared shirt, black blazer, and drew the scar with eyeliner. You could change this up in anyway! My friend Emma here rocked a potter onesie which they current have at target! $20 HP onesie

5. Skeleton // Jack Skellington – the nightmare before Christmas is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time! All you need is some black clothing and some face paint. I added a silver wig just to have an excuse to wear one. I think wigs are so fun! I found mine relatively cheap on Etsy!

There’s so many good ones out there but I just wanted to share a few of the ones I have tried / might try this weekend. Stay tuned babes. XO

Bonus TBT from Halloween:

I was a jewel thief? Lol another last minute thrown together get up & my boo Ellie here looking all amazing was Maleficent. Her costumes are always badass.

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