Valentines outfits from Target

We all love target so I figured I would do a try on there since it’s affordable to almost everyone, and they have it all!

I choose some casual and some dressy and some in between. If I could find the item online there is a link below it 💋 happy shopping babes!

Lip t shirt & Lip Tee in plus size

Blush cargo pant

Red Dress

Sexy red body suit

Plaid pant

Pink jump suit

Printed black midi / White printed midi

I feel like these could also be event dresses or for the office?! Love all the looks!


5 thoughts on “Valentines outfits from Target

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these! I love at all of the looks and I also love how there is something for everyone. I especially love the corduroy utility suit. Might have to snag that to do a monochromatic look with some pink boots that I recently good.

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